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Fateh inspection device
Model: PX120N

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Voltage 40 to 120 kV
Current 0.2 to 1 MA
Power Supply 3Ah Li-ion Bat
Connection Wifi,Lan
Operating Temp -10 to +45 C
Output Extension JPEG,PNG,Exlc
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Fateh inspection device PX120N

The company's latest product is the Fateh 120N X-ray digital imaging device. This device has different capabilities from the previous model, which can be noted for the low weight and thickness of the detector and the possibility of installing it horizontally and vertically. The new design of the generator in the form of a cube with the capability of lower weight and easy to carry, has made this product the center of attention of many users.

Unit Value
Wire Detection AWG 39 to 40
Spatial Resolution mm 0.8 to 0.4
Acquisition Time s 10 to 60
Panel Dimensions mm 810*430*30
Active Area mm 600*400
Power Suply AH 3Ah Li-ion Bat
Connection - WiFi,LAN
Operating Temp C -10 to +45
Penetration mm 20
ExPosure Type - SE / DE*
Image Processing - Invert, Emboss, Pseudo, Focus, Rotate, Histogram, Annotation
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