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Laser doppler vibrometer
Model: LDV1400

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Fateh inspection device LDV1400

Laser vibrometers are used in many applications such as automotive, aerospace, parts quality control, military industries, civil engineering, medicine and many more. In laser vibration measurement, it is possible to quickly and accurately measure vibration remotely and non-contact.


  • Car body quality control
  • Identify vital body activities
  • Check aircraft distortion
  • Pest control of agricultural fields
  • Investigating the strength of antiquities

Special features

  • Vibration measurement from a distance of 150 meters
  • Use low-power, safe lasers
  • Minimal noise susceptibility *
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Moisture and dust resistant
Unit Value
Laser Source - He-Ne,Fiber*
Wavelength nm 623.8,1550
Maximum output power mW 2,30
Maximum offective range m 150
Modeulation frequency MHz 40,200
Power Suply VAC 220
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