Fateh Scan


Dena inspection device
Model: PX120BP/M

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Voltage 40 to 120 kV
Current 0.2 to 1 MA
Power Supply 3Ah Li-ion Bat
Connection Wifi,Lan
Operating Temp -10 to +45 C
Output Extension JPEG,PNG,Exlc
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Fateh inspection device PX120BP/M

The Dena 120BP / M X-ray digital imaging device is one of the most widely used portable devices in the world, which is the best choice for Radiology of the injured in earthquake-stricken areas or military operations due to its low volume and weight and the placement of all its equipment in a bag. It is therefore a powerful tool for mobile medical, rescue and veterinary teams.


  • Rescue teams
  • Forensic medicine
  • Sports teams physician
  • Animal radiography

Special features

  • Placement of all its equipment in a bag
  • Low dose leakage
  • Stable wireless connection up to 20 meters
  • Speed in performing scan operations
  • Medical image processing algorithms
Unit Value
Wire Detection AWG 39 to 40
Spatial Resolution mm 0.8 to 0.4
Acquisition Time s 10 to 60
Panel Dimensions mm 420*290*40
Active Area mm 300*200
Power Suply AH 3Ah Li-ion Bat
Connection - WiFi,LAN
Operating Temp C -10 to +45
Penetration mm 20
ExPosure Type - SE,DE*
Image Processing - Invert, Emboss, Pseudo, Focus, Rotate, Histogram, Annotation
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