Fateh Scan



From Iranian startup to market leader
Company Introduction

Farafan Pajouhan Fateh Startup Company with the brand "Fateh Scan" is the first manufacturer of portable X-ray digital imaging device, AI system of baggage X-ray imaging devices and laser vibrometer with industrial and care uses in Iran.

This company is one of the few companies in the world that has acquired the knowledge of designing and manufacturing X-ray generators.

Relying on science, faith and teamwork, the young engineers of this company have made it one of the most capable centers for designing and manufacturing X-ray and optical equipment in accordance with modern world standards.

In this company, various types of X-ray generators with various uses are designed and manufactured.

Also designing X-ray image processing software, implementation of materials discrimination algorithms, construction of suspicious load separation system using AI technology, construction of electronic boards inspection device and technical support, servicing and maintaining the products of foreign digital imaging companies in the field of X-ray equipment is just a part of the capabilities of Fateh Company.

Fateh Company is a pioneer in manufacturing baggage X-ray digital imaging devices in various dimensions and applications according to customer needs.

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